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We offer a variety of self-adhesive labels, including white, clear, metallic and fluorescent labels. These labels are suitable for the needs of a variety of industries including food, cosmetic, medical and many more.
  • logistics labels, graphic labels, roll labels
  • alcohol labels, wine labels, food labels
  • cosmetic labels, thermal labels
Labels can have all kinds of refinement, uv varnish, partial, 3d varnish. Graphic labels Mainly applied to food products and accessories, wine, beverage, cosmetics, household chemicals, paints and varnishes, advertising etc… Multi-colour labels with embossing, adhesive and reverse printing, any shape. Surface treatment with UV varnish. Any technology or combination of technologies can be used for the production of these labels.


Production on thermosensitive material, which is necessary for subsequent reprinting at the customer’s site. Printing: thermal scales, thermal printers or combination with a labelling line.

Thermo – transfer labels

Labels designed for black and white and colour printing in thermal transfer printers over dye ribbon.

Price labels

Tabulation labels

Special labels

Resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures and strong chemical influences. Designed for application on frozen products, for demanding applications in chemical, energy and other industries.

Endless strips

Self-adhesive and non-adhesive. Without die-cutting with endless motif. Wound on rolls on a supporting silicone backing from which they peel off during application. Use especially for advertising purposes. They can be used to attach several products together, highlight a sales promotion, wrap group packs and more.

Labels for industrial applications

Logistics and distribution labels

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